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Glyph is a community of people from different walks of life, serendipitously brought together into one family


Fame & Vanity doesn’t factor into our ambition. 


Our revolution is about Equality and at the end of every statement we make, is Our Promise.




The culture here is unique with a simple agenda, one that inspires people everyday to go all out and do good things for people and the world around them. It’s nothing more or less complicated than that.


Our community of Scribes and the members we serve is a collection of human beings that wakes up everyday feeling hopeful. Hopeful that every new day presents a new opportunity, and that the human spirit remains unbreakable throughout life’s ups and downs.


The authenticity cultivated here allows people to feel safe even whilst knowing that things are not always going to be easy; instead helping them find the courage to take full responsibility of their life, and to be stronger and better because of it.

Marble Surface

The last chapter to our lives has not been written yet and it does not matter what happened yesterday; we know the real challenge of growth comes from getting knocked down, that it takes strength to act. It takes strength to pick yourself up, to push yourself forward and to start all over again.

The team, the community, this family; we let our work speak for the values we stand for because words are just words, but behind every value is a promise.


Our Values

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